Vinegar for Ear Infection Remedies

To many, vinegar is known as that tart and biting food flavor with a pungent smell. Most love it for its taste in food. But what exactly is vinegar? The English name is coined from French Vin aigre which means sour wine. It is a byproduct obtained from the fermenting of carbohydrate sources, grapes, dates, berries and other foods that ferment. A natural process involving yeast ferments the carbohydrate source into alcohol and then acetobacter or acetic acid bacteria acts to convert the alcohol into acetic acid. This is responsible for the characteristic taste of vinegar but in actual sense vinegar is a myriad of many ingredients. They include vitamins, minerals, amino acids and polyphenols just to mention a few.


In history, vinegar has been associated with many health benefits and has been used in treating many diseases by people. It actually was used as early as 420B.C by Hippocrates to treat wounds and in the 10th century was proven to have disinfecting traits. In recent times, vinegar for earaches has become common. Vinegar can actually be used as a natural remedy to relief ear pain. But how does this work? How is it beneficial compared to other methods of treatment?

Whether it is due to too much ear wax, swimmer’s ear or any other pain, earaches in the outer and middle ear can be treated by using vinegar. Though serious cases should be addressed by a qualified doctor, simple bouts of ear pain can be remedied by at home application of vinegar. White vinegar is the best to use for as a Ear Infection Remedies. Simply put in a few drops into the ear as soon as you feel any pain or for preventive measures like in those with swimmer’s ear, mix some alcohol with the vinegar and then place a few drops into the ear. Upon placing the liquid in the ear, bend to let the liquid stay put for a minute and then bend over to let it flow out.


The acid characteristics of vinegar will cause it to act upon the bacteria causing the infection to resolve. This results in easing of the pain and having a happier life. By relying on vinegar for earaches, you get to resolve the pain in your ear naturally and without adding unneeded chemicals to your body in the form of drugs. It is also easily available in almost all homes and therefore is a convenient method to use. so it is one of the best Ear Infection Remedies for earaches it should be noted that in case the pain persists or is severe, a doctor’s advice should be sought immediately.

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