Sesame Oil & Its Benefits

Sesame oil generally known as Gingelly oil is obtained from Sesame seeds. It is a trove of culinary and many other benefits of therapeutic significance. It has been used as a magic medicine for thousands of years. Mentioned even in the Vedas, it is a God given antibacterial for general skin related problems such as Fungi, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.


Sesame oil benefits have known in India since antiquities. Recent researches conducted under the supervision of WHO have proved that it is extremely beneficial in unblocking arteries. Ayruvedic physicians working in Sweden and Holland have also proved that it is useful in curing Migraine, Hepatitis, heart disease and diabetes. It is used in South Indian homes for its excellent taste and flavor. This oil is the richest source of fatty acids such as Stearic, Linolenic, Oleic and Palmitoleic. No wonder, the inscriptions of the great Indian emperor Ashoka and even Ramayana and Mahabharata have termed it as a drink of immortality. Sesame oil is freely permeated with antioxidants and its complex chemical structure makes it less prone to breaking down to harmful chemicals while cooking.
With its miraculous anti-viral and anti-oxidizing properties, Sesame oil also helps to treat ear infection. It is also a good remedy for ear swelling, ear pain and finally ear infection.

It is a natural antibiotic that is used to treat the infection and pain effectively. It contains allicin which has excellent anti-microbial qualities that eliminate the infection in the inner part of the ear. Its powerful aromatic compounds have anti-inflammatory properties which are easily absorbed into the eardrum and surrounding tissues and reduces the pain.

Immense Sesame oil benefits makes it perfect for application on body and hair. Sesame oil massage leads of blackening of air beside adding sheen and luster to your hair. It is rich in Iron, Calcium and Copper and thus enhance the production of Melanin Pigment which is further responsible for giving shiny black effect to the hair. Iron and Calcium helps in Strengthening the bones and muscles by aiding in increased blood supply laden with hemoglobin and other nutrients.

Maharishi International College in Lowa conducted an experiment in which its researcher rinsed their mouth with this oil which further resulted in 90% reduction in Bacteria which weaken gums and teeth by causing Gingivitis. Probably that is why it is referred to as the ‘healing oil’ in Atharva Veda.

Sesame oil can also cure chronic Sinusitis if its drops are sniffed back into the sinus. It can be used as a mouth fresher and can eliminate general cold bacteria. Sesame oil benefits to human body are immense as it contains great amount of Phosphorous, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E and Magnesium which further makes it extremely beneficial for dry skin . Some people dislike the distinctive fragrance of this oil as thy consider it too strong. If you belong to this category, you can mix it with almond oil or grape see oil whose fragrance is lighter. Sesame oil massage helps in relaxing the tired limbs because it contains soothing and tranquilizing properties. It is an effective sun blocker and can save your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. It controls high blood pressure. and relieve hypertension. Since it contains Vitamin E, it is a great anti-oxidant and can lower down cholesterol level. It is simply marvelous in the alleviation of stress and tension.

Sesame oil benefits are simply immense. This is just a bit of information that scientists could gather from years of research. People have been using this oil since thousands of years and it has proved its worth. Just try it once to see the magic yourself.

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