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An ear infection makes you feel irritated, disturbed and unwell. It is good to visit a doctor whenever you have ear infection to get an early diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes it might be so that you will feel a constant uneasiness and irritation in the center of the ear which might not be a hindrance if it is for a while or so but if it persists over a long period of time, it might very well crop up as a major hindrance in your normal well being. An infection in an ear refers to an unwanted inflammation in the inner part of ear, generally caused by bacterial presence that results in a buildup of fluids behind the area of eardrum in the inner part of ear. The problem of ear infection is scientifically called Otitis Media (OM). It has been observed that children are more susceptible or prone to this problem than the adults.

There are some three main types: Acute Otitis Media,Otitis Media plus Effusion and Chronic Otitis Media plus Effusion. Acute Otitis Media or AOM is the most commonly occurring ear infection. Certain parts of the middle ear get infected as well as swollen and this causes the fluid to be trapped behind the area of the eardrum. AOM is accompanied with an unbearable earache and mild fever. Otitis Media which is with Effusion or EOM takes place after an ear infection has been going on for long and the fluid remains in a trapped position behind the area of the eardrum. Chronic Otitis Media plus Effusion takes place when the fluid stays in the area of the middle ear for a prolonged period and keeps returning time and over again.

Otitis Media or Infection

Ear infections can pester your normal course of living and can get on your nerves at times. So, if you observe any inflammation in center part of the ear resulting in a fluid build up behind the area of the eardrum, it should be reported to a hearing doctor immediately. If your ears hurt for quite some time, try figuring out some of the other symptoms of an ear infection. To name some of them tugging or pulling of the ears, fussiness, crying, trouble while sleeping, fever, draining of fluids from the ears, problems with balancing of the body, problems with hearing, etc. are some of the most common ones. Ear infections are mostly caused by bacterial attack and can also be the result of a sore throat or blockage due to cold, or other assorted respiratory infections. Once you figure out any one or combination of many of these symptoms, try showing the doctor. An early diagnosis and an early treatment from a hearing doctor can help in getting the conditions from being worse and thereby enable you to acquire a happy living.

Teas Tree Oil Tea tree oil also acts being an excellent natural home remedy regarding earaches. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that reduce the ear pain and infection to your great extent. Apply about 4-5 drops of tree tea oil in the affected ear to get instant relief from the discomfort and pain.


Radish Another very effective natural do-it-yourself solution for earaches is radish. Cut a fresh radish in small pieces and put your pieces into mustard oil and warm it up long. Leave the mixture for a while so that it comes down to room temp. Then strain the oil in the glass container and apply few drops of this oil into the affected hearing. Within a few minutes you’ll feel that the pain has reduced considerably. This is an exceptionally useful remedy for earaches. Mango Leaf Liquid Mango leaf juice is also a very good natural home remedy for earaches. Crush or grind about 2 to 3 soft mango leaves and extract the fresh juice. Slightly warm the juice for a time and leave it for some time so that it comes down to room temp. Then apply 3 – 4 drops on the juice into the infected hearing. After a few minutes you will feel that the pain has reduced to your great extent. Follow this do-it-yourself solution at least twice a day to obtain complete relief from acute earaches.


Fenugreek Seed Fenugreek seeds are also another very helpful and beneficial home remedy regarding earaches. Add some fenugreek seeds in any sort of oil like mustard oil or essential olive oil and warm it long. After this strain the oil and leave it long so that it comes right down to room temperature. Apply about 3-5 drops on the oil in each ear to obtain immediate relief from acute earaches.

fenugreek_seed-for-ear infection

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