GINGER and Home Remedies for Earaches

Ginger is a perennial, herbaceous flowering plant whose roots or rhizomes are widely used as either medicines or spices or as a home remedies for earaches. It produces annual stems that grow to a maximum height of around one metre from the ground level. Its leaves are green and yellow in colour. It belongs to the plant family of Zingiberaceae with other prominent members of that family being: Galangal, Turmeric and Cardamom. It is not to be confused with wild ginger since the latter are dicotyledonous plants in the genus Asarum. It originated from Southern China but was eventually scattered to the four corners of the earth. To date, India is the world’s largest producer of ginger.

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Ginger has a very wide range of both nutritional and medicinal benefits. When ingested into the human body, they help in the maintenance of normal blood circulation; combating motion sickness; improvement of the absorption of essential nutrients within the body; prevention of flu and cold; alleviation of stomach discomforts; prevention of colon cancer; reduction of pain and inflammation; treatment of ovarian cancer; boosting of the bodily immunity; combating morning sickness; reduction of muscle pains; reduction of the feeling of nausea occasioned by chemotherapy treatments; prevention of liver damages; alleviation of asthma; reduction of high blood pressure; relieving dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation)and the relief of migraines.

In as much as ginger may have several salient benefits as elaborated on in the foregoing discussions, it is not without its fair share of demerits. These demerits include but are not limited to: incidences of diarrhoea especially when taken in large quantities; the sensation of heartburns that is mostly felt in the chest regions or in the epigastrium region of the abdomen; stomach upsets which is a feeling of pain in the upper regions of the abdomen and mouth irritations arising from the attacks on the mucous membranes that line up the mouth cavity. Great restraint is thus to be exercised while using ginger for either the medicinal or nutritional purposes outlined above.

As has already been stated from the preceding arguments,it is one of the best Home Remedies for Earaches, ginger has great medicinal traits. For that reason, it is very handy when it comes to petty home medical challenges such as ear aches. That’s because it has very strong anti-inflammatory characteristics that are crucial in combating ear infections. It also doubles up as an excellent natural pain-killer making it quite indispensible for alleviating pain that is usually felt as a result of ear aches. In order to use ginger as a home remedy for earaches, the juice from it has to be extracted and applied directly to the ears. Alternatively, two table spoons of olive oil can be mixed with one teaspoon of fleshly grated ginger roots. The mixture is then left to settle for between five to ten minutes after which a few drops of the mixture is applied in the aching ear progressively.

By way of conclusion, the benefits of ginger as both a medicinal and nutritional substance far outweigh its demerits. It should thus be cultivated in large amounts in order to keep enjoying its benefits for years and generations to come.

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