Fast and effective Remedies for Earaches

Fast and effective Remedies for Earaches

Here are some fast and effective Home Remedies for Earaches :

1. One of the best home remedies for earaches is to grind a few Holy basil leaves and extract some juice. Put two drops inside the ear.

Basil Leaves, Home Remedies for Earaches

Basil Leaves,
Home Remedies for Earaches

2. Put 2-3 drops of vinegar in ear, and get some rag and then wet them with almost scalding hot water and hold against and around the ear until the pain stops (takes about 3 min).

3. Pour some garlic juice in the aching ear. Its antibiotic characteristics help to reduce the pain.

4. Just chew gum. This will contract the muscles and open the eustachian tube.

5. Put few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear.

6. Ginger is an excellent natural painkiller. Extract juice of some ginger and put into each ear. This will heal the earache in most cases.

7. Take out the juice of the tender leaves of a mango and make it a little warm. Put four drops in both ear as this helps in the treatment of earaches. One of the fine home remedies for earache.

8. Put some seeds of the fenugreek in any kind of oil; mustard and linseed oils are the finest. Then warm this to some extent. After that, cool and then filter the oil and put it in each ear. About four to five drops of the oil in each ear will helps in eliminating the pain completely.

9. Add half a clove of garlic in a teaspoonful of sesame oil and heat it on a flame till it becomes a little hot. Put four drops of the oil in the one ear and stay on this side for ten minutes. Then turn over and put the oil in the second ear also. Stay on this side too for ten minutes.

10. Mix drops each of garlic oil, grapefruit seed extract, and eucalyptus essential oil. Put in ears with a dropper several times daily.

11. Extract the juice of an onion and warm it a little, then put four drops in the ear.

12. Chop Radish into small pieces. Put them in mustard oil and then warm it. Then put this oil in a glass bottle. When there is pain in the ears, put two drops in each ear, brings quick relief, Mix equal parts of clear White Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol. Warm it if needed or use right out of the bottle.

13. Chopped up onions and garlic and add into in olive oil. Then warmed the oil in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Then dropped some of the warm oil into your ear.

The author is not a Doctor and has no medical training. Always consult your health care professional before using these or any home remedies or natural cures.

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