Effective Ear Infection Remedies

Most ear infections are caused by bacteria or viruses in the middle of the ear which occur more regularly in children than grownups. There are various contributing factors that can lead to ear infection which include the following: food allergies, fetal alcohol syndrome, wax build up, genetic defects, internal injuries, nutritional deficiency, and environmental allergies among others. One may experience the following due to ear infection; pain in the ear, poor reception to sounds, fluids draining from the ear, etc. The good news is, most of these problems can be solved by simple ear infection remedies.


Prevention from ear infection

– One should breastfeed for at least first six month since milk contains antibiotics which prevent infections.

– Washing of hand often since hands are germs carrier.

– One should ensure vaccinating the kids at early age.

– Children should stay away from tobacco smoke since it raises the infection.

Best ear infection remedies


Garlic is one of the substances that are used for medicinal purposes, it has the ability to relieve pain naturally and it also contains antimicrobial properties, hence very effective for ear infection treatment. One can use garlic in various way for example; by extracting garlic oil which is done by then pour 3-4 drops in the affected part, one can as well boil few fresh garlic oil after 5 minutes add a pinch of salt then rub the affected part.


Salt is something that is readily available at home. One should heat up one cup of salt on a pan over very low heat for about 5 minutes, the place the hot salt on a cloth and tie a knot like thing, when the salts cools a little bit place that knot on the affected part for about 10 minutes, one should repeat this remedy daily for effective outcome. This works out by relieving the pain plus the swelling.

Warm water bottle

A warm or bearable substance in the ear helps to cub the microorganisms’ infestation and relieves the pain in a more quick way. None can do this in a number of ways; by gentle placing the warm water against the ear, compressing the bottle but then again one should not do this for long about 5 minutes is enough. One should make this a routine.

Most of the home-made ear infection remedies work best when when used one at a time. But in case this fails to work you are advised see a doctor for further treatment. Prevention measures should be employed often. The main goal of treatment is to get rid of the year infection before more complications arises. It involves eliminating the root cause of the ear infection.

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