Cloves and other Home Remedies for Ear Infections




In the medical sector, there exist many remedies that can be used to mitigate earaches. The ideal home remedy for earaches has no harmful long-term effects on the ears, is cheap and easy to acquire. The following is a compilation of the rudimentary herbal and clove remedies for treating earaches.

Cloves for Earache

Cloves have demonstrated to be of the main home remedies for treating earaches time and again. The many positive benefits for cloves can be attributed to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. The oil in particular can be uses as an effective component in treating many complication including earaches. The herbal compounds in the clove are absorbed through the skin and the eardrum into the inner ear section and its surrounding areas, which fights any infections and inflammations that might be causing the earache. The clove oil is extracted from the flower bud that is acquired from the clove tree which as an evergreen tree.

Warm ¼ cup of clove oil (you can use the microwave, remember don’t over warm). Directly place a few drops of the clove oil directly into the year and lie on the side to ensure that the oil reaches the designated areas. More over if you want to add the potency of the clove oil as a remedy, and then also add some garlic oil to the clove oil. Garlic is also has antiseptic and antiflammatory properties.

Other effective home remedies for earache

Aside from using clove oil, there are other herbal remedies that can be used to remedy earaches. Some of the possible ones are

1) Tea tree oil- this also contains herbal properties that can mitigate earaches. The oil is extracted from a plant that is native to Australia and nowhere else in the world. However, most medical experts warn against using the oil babies under six months. Using cotton or teat dropper gently place the oil into the ear and lie on your side for the oil to properly sink into the inner ear.


2) Apple cider vinegar-has been used to treat many body complications. The vinegar changes the Ph of the ear, thus creating an environment in which harmful bacteria cannot thrive.apply gentle drops using a teat dropper or a dab of cotton wool.


Caveats for using Home Remedies.

To avoid any permanent ear damage, do not insert any solid items e.g a teat dropper, in the ear canal. Moreover, before placing any compounds into the year, ensure that you have some background knowledge on the possible negative effects, if any. Use the help of another person if possible when applying the compounds into the year


Admittedly home remedies are easy to acquire quick and convenient treatment for earaches. Whilst most herbal remedies are effective in mitigating earaches, it is always appropriate to consult a medical practitioner if the complication persists.

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