Clove for Earache and Ear Infection


An earache is a sharp, dull or a burning sensation that comes and goes in and around one’s ears. It may also be constant, thereby demanding extra attention.

While they predominantly affect children, an earache could affect adults as well. Additionally, earaches normally affect one ear even though the pain may be present in both ears.

Home Remedies for Earaches


One of the most common causes of earaches is cold and while this is usually not a major cause for concern, there are those underlying conditions that may cause this pain. In the case of cold, the aches may simply come and go but when the pains are caused by an underlying medical condition, they may be persistent.

One such condition is the blockage of the earwax



When your earwax either pushes too hard into your ear canal or simply hardens, it may cause earache. This pain is often aggravated with the possibility of having a foreign body in the ear.

Earaches may also be due to an infection in the tube whichconnects the eardrum to the opening tube. This condition is medically referred to as Otitis Externa.

Aside from these two, there are scores of other possible causes of ear pains such as a sinus infection, tonsillitis, acoustic neuroma, sore throat and a chronic ear infection. Other self-destructive habits such as teeth grinding have also been identified as possible causes of earaches.




There are many home remedies for earaches and in this article; we shall focus our attention on Cloves

It is the oil derived from cloves that is used as a home remedy for earache. The concoction would be prepared as follows;

-Add 2 teaspoons of sesame oil to 3-4 drops of pure clove oil.

-Warm it and observe that it does not overheat.

-Take it off and carefully apply the mixture inside your ear.

As a home remedy against earache, clove oil has many advantages. To begin with, it is important to note that the oil has antiseptic properties. This basically means that after use, the ear area is immune from infection as it kills all the bacteria around the ear that would take advantage of the moist condition to cause further complications.


Additionally, it should be noted that clove oil has stimulation properties. As a result of stimulating the tissues around the ear, the patient recovers faster due the fact that the tissues respond faster to the healing process. This usually goes hand in hand with the soothing sensation that makes the healing process a calm and peaceful affair.




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