Cinnamon for Ear Infection

Ear infection



Since it is one of the organs of the body, ear can also be infected by bacteria; as a result, one of the Eustachian tubes can block, causing a buildup, which further can cause a swell. The pain at this point can be disgusting and unbearable. For those who have experienced it, will agree that at this moment, all that an infected person needs is to visit a doctor as soon as possible for some suppressants. Today, one of the common ear infections known is the otitis media. This infection attacks and affects the middle ear, a section of the ear that contains spaces that are filled with air, located just behind the eardrum and contains the ear’s vibrating bones. Children usually fall victim of this disorder in a higher rate than adults.Home Remedies for Earaches

Luckily, in most cases, ear infection treatment does not require much medication. Chances are; at times, the infection can clear up on its own. However, it is only in few cases where you will notice too much pain in the victim, a fact that will need proper medical interventions. Before seeking a doctor who might be some kilometers away, it is better to first consider managing the pains. Here, the home remedies for ear infection, a cinnamon solution, is the first savior a person should run for, as it will help in quickly responding against the pains even to their extreme.

Cinnamon and its benefits




Cinnamon is well known as a spice that is extracted from branches of a wild tree, which has been categorized in its genus as “cannamomu”. This tree is found in South America, the Southeastern parts of Asia and Caribbean. The tree is further sub-divided into two categories, the Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as the true cinnamon tree, and the Chinese or Cassia cinnamon, which its original land is southern part of China. The cassia cinnamon is less expensive. However, Ceylon Cinnamon’s price suggest that the species has some significance to the health of a person.

Benefits of cinnamon tree

The tree spices can be used to effectively treat vomiting, muscle spasms, common cold, diarrhea, erectile dysfunction and loss of appetite. If that is not enough, the tree has the potential to lower blood sugar, mostly in individuals with either type one or two of diabetes. The tree is also very effective for persons who have ear infection. When it is mixed with olive oil or any other type of vegetable oil, then be subjected to heat, it forms very good ear drops for the sake of the infected ear. It is therefore categorized as one of the best home remedies for ear infection.

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