Causes and Symptoms of Earaches

Home Remedies for Earaches

Earache is a common turmoil, resulting from contagion in the middle earor the outer ear canal. This is very painful. Earache is less life threatening but can be serious, especially if they are caused by infection. Earache commonly affects children more than adults. There are many reasons for earache to occur.
Causes and Symptoms of Earaches:-


Middle ear infection (Otitis) media is an infection which is common in young children and may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever and diarrhea. It is caused by viral or bacterial infection on the middle ear.
Myringitis is an inflammation of ear drum. Outer ear canal infection or Otitis externa is common skin infection in summer season during swimming and can be localized as an itchy, pain full boil and foul smelling. It is caused by trapped moisture inside the ear canal or minor ear injury to the ear canal.

There are a lot of reasons for Earaches rather than swimming, take a look on the following reasons:
• Damage in the ear drum.
• Abscessed tooth infection.
• Ear injury.
• Any object stuck in ear.
• Earwax.
• Allergies
• Abnormal structure of the head and neck part.

Symptoms of earaches:
• Due to ear infection your body temperature may raise up to 104 degree F.
• There may be pain in ear when lying down as fluid is shifting.
• During bottle feeding pressure changes in the middle ear can cause more pain in children.

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